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Drag Racing Club

Jump into your car and delve into the thrilling universe of street drag racing in Drag Racing Club!

How to play Drag Racing Club?

This game is all about timing and reflexes. Watch the gauges closely, and time your actions so that you hit the green zone as precisely as possible.

Establish your reputation as you compete against various rivals and ascend to the pinnacle of the racing world. Show off your skills as a top-notch driver by perfectly timing your gear shifts. Win prize money to customize your car and unlock superior vehicles. Do you have what it takes to defeat everyone and claim the title of drag racing champion?

What are the controls for Drag Racing Club?

  • Click with LEFT MOUSE BUTTON on the accelerator in the beginning to get the RPM's in the right green range.
  • Press spacebar to shift gears when in the green range.
  • Press "N" for a nitrous boost!


  • Exciting Gameplay: Engage in thrilling street drag races against various opponents.
  • Reputation Building: Rise through the ranks and make a name for yourself in the drag racing scene.
  • Skill-based Challenges: Perfectly time your gear shifts to prove your driving skills.
  • Reward System: Earn prize money through races which can be used to customize your car.
  • Vehicle Unlocks: Unlock new and superior vehicles as you progress in the game.

Release date

May 2023





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