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Someone is always scheming in the royal court, and it’s usually the king’s closest advisors that are plotting the Murder to take over the throne! Play as a sneaky jester, deliver the lethal backstab to end the devious king’s reign, and jump into his shoes. You must tread softly though, because the ruler is always suspicious, and for a good reason!

This game is truly hilarious, the 2D comic-styled graphics are very enjoyable, and the gameplay is very simple yet quite thrilling. It’s a game of cat and mouse, and after the successful assassination, it’s your head the plotters will be after!

How to play Murder

You must eliminate the king to become one, but if he catches you in the act, you’ll be thrown into a dungeon and the game is over. The fun only begins after you’ve become the undisputed ruler of the realm because when you’re at the top, there’s always someone attempting to take your place.

It’s best to start charging up a killing blow right after your target suspiciously turns around a couple of times. It takes quite some time for the stab bar to fill up completely, so always be on your toes to stop the attack and avoid getting captured. 

What are the controls for Murder?

Currently, you can attempt to Murder the king exclusively in a PC browser. Press and hold the space bar to charge a stab at the appropriate time, and make sure to release before the king turns around and charges you for treason. Once you’ve stepped into the king’s shoes, press the space bar to turn around and avoid getting stabbed in the back.


  • Hilarious 2D assassination game
  • Comic-styled graphics and funny animations
  • Great sound effects and music

Release date

July 2019


Studio Seufz



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