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Game Playing with Fire 2 preview
Game Playing with Fire 2 preview

Playing with Fire 2

Playing with Fire 2

Theatre mode
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Playing with Fire 2

Whoever told us that Playing With Fire is a bad idea certainly hadn’t tried this awesome 2D action game. We can forgive them because they probably never knew this gem existed, and you’re the lucky one to have stumbled upon it.

There are both 1-Player and hot-seat 2-Player game modes available, the gameplay is fast-paced and exciting, and all the features are explained in-depth in the Instructions game menu. The old-school 2-Player hot-seat offers an authentic competitive gaming experience, so spread the word about it and enjoy Playing With Fire with a partner in crime. 

How to play Playing With Fire

You can play against 3 opponents at a time, and all the combatants have 3 lives available. The round only lasts for 3 minutes, so don’t waste any of your time. The key to victory is focusing on picking up as many power-ups as possible in the early stages of the game.

There are up to 5 power-ups available, each significantly affecting the gameplay. Learning how to use them properly enables you to outplay your opponents more easily.

  • Dynamite stick — enables dropping more bombs
  • Fast hands — allows you to throw bombs at your opponents
  • Golden trainers — increase movement speed slightly
  • Golden kick — allows you to kick bombs
  • Lightning — increases the range of your bombs by +1 square

What are the controls for Playing With Fire?

This incredible 2-player hot-seat Bomberman-inspired 2D action game is exclusively playable in a PC browser. The controls below are shown for both Player 1/Player 2.

  • Move — arrow/WASD keys
  • Drop bombs — Spacebar (single-player) or L/G
  • Throw bombs — double-click Spacebar or L/G
  • Kick bombs — bump into them


  • A Bomberman-inspired 2D action game
  • Single-player and hot-seat 2-player game modes
  • Action-packed skill-based gameplay
  • 5 unique power-ups
  • 3-minute rounds

Release date

April 2023




All devices

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