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Bomber Friends

Bomber Friends is an extraordinary 2D arcade game featuring entertaining, action-packed gameplay, character upgrades/customization options, and plenty of progressively more challenging levels to complete. Plant bombs to blast walls and monsters, pick up 5 different power-ups to boost your stats and collect gems to improve your character’s attributes permanently. Blow up brick walls to find the key and eliminate orcs, skeletons, and many other enemies on your road to victory.

This awesome game also features a gem crafting system, you can unlock additional gem slots in the character menu, and the main protagonist is highly customizable. The AI opponents become much smarter after a couple of levels, and the progression is quite rewarding.

How to play Bomber Friends

You’re playing as a sapper in a 2D maze-styled map. The gameplay is quite hectic, and it’s easy to get carried away. After you get rolling, you’ll set up charges left and right, so be careful not to blow yourself up! Plant the bombs to trap your foes and use the stone blocks as a cover to hide from the line of fire.

There are up to 5 stats you can boost either permanently or temporarily. The power-ups collected in each level only last until you’ve completed it.

  • Sword — adds +1 damage to your charges
  • Heart — adds +1 HP to your character
  • Fire — increases the range of explosions by +1 tile
  • Boot — slightly increases movement speed
  • Arrow — the detonations blast through brick walls

What are the controls for Bomber Friends?

You can play Bomber Friends on both mobile and PC devices. All the buttons are easily discerned on mobile, and the PC controls are shown below. 

  • Arrow keys — Move
  • A — Plant a bomb
  • B — Taunt 
  • Y — Zoom in/out


  • An extraordinary 2D arcade bomber game with RPG elements
  • Challenging, entertaining, and rewarding gameplay
  • Character customization, stat upgrades, and a crafting system

Release date

February 2020




All devices

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