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Bomb It 4

Bomb It 4 is another glorious 2D fast-paced action from the successful Bomberman-inspired gaming franchise featuring multiple game modes and explosive gameplay. You’ll control a jolly character that can plant bombs and use many other weapons available through a maze-like square arena. The objectives vary depending on the game mode, but blowing up other players is usually the key to victory in all of them.

You can play alone or in a 2-player game mode and in the settings menu before each match besides the game mode you can also customize the AI difficulty, number of players (both human and AI), and select the desired arena you want to play in. There are plenty of Power-ups to pick up that greatly enhance your playing experience and you can learn how each of them works in the How to Play menu.

How to play Bomb It 4

In this game, you must both think and act quickly but it’s very important to think first before making a move. At the beginning of each match, you want to try and collect as many power-ups as possible to get an advantage over your opponents so you can dominate easily in the later stages. Mind your movement and always have an escape plan ready, because blowing yourself up might happen more frequently than expected.

What are the controls Bomb It 4?

You can play Bomb It 4 on both PC and mobile devices, but the 2-player option remains a PC exclusive.

On mobile tap and hold the left side of your screen to use the joystick for movement, and tap on the right side to perform actions.

Single-player PC controls:

  • Move — Arrow keys
  • Bomb — Space

2-Player PC controls (P1/P2):

  • Move — WASD/arrow keys
  • Bomb — Arrow keys/Enter


  • A fast-paced Bomberman-inspired 2D action game
  • 4 different game modes and gameplay customization
  • Vivid graphics and plenty of character skins
  • Single-player and 2-player option (PC exclusive)

Release date

April 2017




All devices

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