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Bomb It

Bomb It is a colorful Bomberman-inspired 2D action game featuring colorful graphics, entertaining action-packed gameplay, and 1 Player and 2 Player game modes. The game plays out on a maze-like square map that’s quite claustrophobic at the very beginning. As you and up to 3 opponents start blasting, the game picks up pace quickly, and PvP mayhem begins.

Blow up the blocks to pick up a dozen of Power Ups to enhance your bombs and acquire different game-changing abilities. Trap your rivals into narrow corridors to deal damage to them and hide around the indestructible blocks to avoid explosions.

How to play Bomb It

Since you can stumble upon up to 12 Power Ups, it’s highly recommended to take a quick look at their effects in the How to Play game menu. At the beginning of each deathmatch, you want to focus on picking up as many of these as possible rather than rushing into PvP action immediately. Even if you aren’t all buffed up, you can stalk the opponents to block their escape routes if they walk into dead ends.

What are the controls for Bomb It?

You can play Bomb It on both mobile and PC devices, but the 2-player option is exclusively available in a PC browser. 

If you prefer playing on mobile, tap and hold the left half on your screen and use the joystick that appears to control the movement of your character. Tap the right side of the screen to place bombs.

The PC controls for both Player1/Player2 are shown below.

  • Move — WASD/Arrow keys
  • Bomb — Space/Enter
  • Pause — P


  • A lovely Bomberman-inspired 2D action game
  • Vivid graphics capture the attention of younger players
  • A dozen of power-ups provide additional depth to the gameplay

Release date

April 2017




All devices

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