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In Lordz.io, you start as a lone lord with the objective of building and expanding your empire. You'll collect gold and build a base, creating various military units and preparing your defenses against other competing lords.

How to play Lordz.io?

  • Building Your Empire: You can expand your power by constructing different buildings like mage towers, houses for soldiers, knights, archers, and other powerful units. Building defenses, including castle walls, is crucial to protect your base from enemy attacks.
  • Earning Gold: Collect coins manually or build gold mines on deposits to increase wealth. You can upgrade these structures with gold to improve their capacity or output. Guard your high-value structures carefully.
  • Battling Other Lords: Engage in combat with other players, destroy and loot their buildings for rewards, or stealthily attack their gold mines. Use your spoils to enhance your army, including purchasing dragons.
  • Army and Resources Management: Manage resources wisely and build a strong army to conquer enemies. Your army can consist of soldiers, knights, archers, barbarians, mages, dragons, and more. Different units provide unique advantages in battle.

What are the controls for Lordz.io?

  • Movement: Move your character with your mouse.
  • E: Build a house
  • R: Build a tower
  • T: Summon a soldier
  • Y: Summon a knight
  • U: Summon an archer
  • I: Summon a barbarian
  • O: Summon a dragon
  • Spacebar: Split your army

Lordz.io offers a blend of strategy, action, and resource management, making it a captivating and competitive experience. Are you ready to rise as the most powerful lord in this medieval world?

Release date

November 2017


Spinbot Studio



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