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Game Whack Your Boss preview
Game Whack Your Boss preview

Whack Your Boss

Whack Your Boss

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9.7(39 votes)

Whack Your Boss

Whack Your Boss is an incredibly immersive action game. Blow off some steam by hitting your boss with various weapons you can find in your cubicle!

How to play Whack Your Boss?

Whack Your Boss is an entertaining game allowing the player to unwind and destress by hitting your boss. In the game there are seven different options to whack your boss with:

  1. Your hands! Go for a full frontal assault by attacking him with your hand and punching him to death.
  2. The computer. Tired of staring at the screen? Pick up the computer and smash your boss’s head in.
  3. The mug! Grab the mug on your left and use it to take down your boss.
  4. The ruler. Use the ruler to go for a gnarly one-shot headshot!
  5. The stapler. Use the stapler as a melee weapon to hit your boss and then staple his wounds once you’re finished!
  6. The dustbin. Pick up the dustbin and go for an elongated attack on your boss to ensure he suffers.
  7. The cabinet door. Choosing the cabinet door wil lead into a sequence where you try to pull it off. When you fail to, you’ll simply bloody your cabinet door with your boss’ head.

What are the controls for Whack Your Boss?

The controls for Whack Your Boss are straightforward. It’s a point-and-click game where you figure out where the objects are and then click on them to use them on your boss. On desktop, you’ll be using your mouse to locate the object and then the left mouse button to use it. On mobile, you’re simply going to have to tap on the object to unleash your anger.


  • Simplistic! The only goal in Whack Your Boss is to find objects to whack your boss with.
  • Fun-filled short game! It’s a short game and can be completed in hardly 10 minutes.
  • Unique concept. Whack Your Boss brings a unique concept to life in the action game genre!

Release date

April 2004


Tom Winkler


All devices


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