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Whack Your Ex


Whack Your Ex

Whack Your Ex is a fun action game! If you’re still not over your ex, try playing this game! Use a wide selection of weapons and brutal methods on your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend to see if it feels any better!


How to play Whack Your Ex?

Whack Your Ex is a pretty easy game to play. There are multiple items available that you can use on the ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. If you want to go for the ex-girlfriend, the items you can use are:

  1. The laptop. Use it as a melee weapon to attack her.
  2. The brick. Build a small wall for yourself and blast her to bits.
  3. The shoe. Find a pretty lady and step on her face.
  4. The pink present. Use a jetpack and burn her.
  5. The heart-shaped gift. Pie her in the face and chop her head off.
  6. The doo-doo gun. Spray her with a ton of shit.
  7. The birthday cap. Partner with your ape friend and send her flying into oblivion.
  8. The airplane. Distract her and then use a saw on her.
  9. The heel. Burn away all her favorite heels.


If you want to go for the ex-boyfriend, these are the items you’re going to want to use:

  1. Credit card. Steal all his money and get yourself designer clothes and a fancy car.
  2. The car. Run away with his Dad.
  3. The blue present. Use a pair of boxing gloves on him as sparring practice.
  4. The recliner. Blow your ex-boyfriend away with a rocket launcher.
  5. Your fists. Take him down with just your fists and then take a dump on his body.
  6. The sword. A simple beheading.
  7. The lady. Stab your jealous ex-boyfriend in the eye.
  8. The podium. Release a shark to eat up the ex-boyfriend.

What are the controls for Whack Your Ex?

The controls for Whack Your Ex are easy. On desktop, simply drag your mouse and use the left mouse button to click on an item to use it. You can do the same on mobile as well by just tapping on the items at the bottom of the screen.



  • Multiple options! There are multiple options that can be used against either the ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.
  • Casual game! Whack Your Ex is a casual game where the story doesn’t take up too much time. All you have to do is to select an item to use.
  • Unique experience. It’s a very unique game providing an experience filled with action like no other!

August 2004

Tom Winkler

Cross platform