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Duck Life 3: Evolution

Duck Life 3: Evolution is the third installment of the popular Duck Life series. This game combines the charm of duck racing with the intrigue of Pokémon-like evolution mechanics. Here, you train your genetically modified duck in various skills to compete in races. It's a delightful mix of strategy, simulation, and arcade fun, suitable for players of all ages.

How to play Duck Life 3: Evolution?


Start by selecting one of four unique duck breeds, each with distinct strengths and weaknesses. Your goal is to train your duck's core skills: running, flying, climbing, and swimming. This training is crucial for enhancing your duck's performance in races.

Progressing through the Game:

Participate in races across three different leagues: amateur, advanced, and professional, each set in unique locations like a farm, London, and Easter Island. Training is key to winning races and earning currency, which can be used to buy duck feed to boost your energy levels. The more you train and race, the more your duck evolves and improves its abilities.

What are the controls for Duck Life 3: Evolution?

  • Running Controls: Press the up arrow to jump
  • Flying Controls: Click and drag your mouse on the screen
  • Climbing Controls: Use the left and right arrow keys
  • Swimming Controls: Use the up and down arrow keys


  • Evolution mechanics: ducks evolve and improve
  • Multiple leagues: amateur, advanced, professional
  • Various training modes: running, flying, climbing, swimming
  • Engaging gameplay: strategy and arcade elements combined
  • Colorful 2D graphics: visually pleasing and fun
  • Intuitive controls: easy for players of all ages

Release date

January 2024


Wix Games



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