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Bob The Robber

Bob The Robber is a fun Interactive puzzle game that starts off introducing you to a creative backstory and plot. You will play as ‘Bob’, the protagonist of the story. There are numerous levels in the game and each level has an alluring mini map in which ‘Bob’ must steal the given object. There are different unique obstacles as you progress throughout the map. You will certainly have a blast playing this game due to the variety and vibrant environment it possesses.  

How to play Bob The Robber

After watching the intro, you will be introduced to various levels that you must progress through. Starting at the beginning, you will be given a mission that is unique to each level. There will be various obstacles trying to ensure that you won’t reach the end goal.

Bob The Robber works on both PC and Mobile devices but it's highly suggested that you play on a PC for a smoother gameplay experience. Note that you can only play the game on landscape mode when using your Mobile device.

The controls are easy to get used to. The main controls will be the arrow keys or ‘W, A, S, D’ keys to make ‘Bob’ move. There will be several actions that the character does, requiring you to use different keys, including the space bar and the numeral pad. The game gives out clear instructions on what the controls are, so you won’t have any trouble progressing.

What are the controls for Bob The Robber?

When playing on your PC, use the arrow keys or ‘W, A, S, D’ keys to move and space bar to interact and make certain actions. You must also use the numeral pad at certain stages to enter the ‘code’ for the locks.


  • A creative and unique backstory
  • Suitable for any age category
  • An alluring dark and pleasant atmosphere

Release date

March 2023





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