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Winter Clash 3D


Winter Clash 3D

Winter Clash 3D is an Epic Christmas-Themed Third Person Shooter Game! Play now and help Santa fight against these naughty Elves to save Christmas once and for all!


How to play Winter Clash 3D?

It’s super easy! You start off as a base Santa Claus and improve your stats from there on. During your first playthrough, you might not understand where to go but don’t worry and simply follow your fellow Santas and eliminate those damned Elves! In Winter Clash 3D, you’ll spawn with a Hunting Rifle, use that to hunt the Elves and gain points. Oh and don’t forget, you can scope in if you want to go for that AMAZING One Shot Headshot.


Capture the snowman! You can capture and burn the Elves' snowman to gain a massive amount of points!


Use Power Ups! While playing Winter Clash 3D, you’ll also come across plenty of boosts scattered around the map. One of those is the Shotgun. The Shotgun is an explosive weapon that fires multiple projectiles when you shoot it once. Along with the Shotgun, there are also medkits hidden on the map for you to find and help yourself patch up. You’ll also find some winged boosts which increase your speed drastically, those are super helpful when you’re carrying the Elves snowman to burn it!


What are the controls for Winter Clash 3D?

The controls for Winter Clash 3D on desktop are really standard. Use the Left mouse button to shoot and the Right mouse button to use the sights. Then you have the directional controls WASD. Press W if you want to go forward, Press S if you want to go backward and then A and D keys if you want to go left and right respectively. Press the Tab to view the match scorecard and check out your points. Other than those, there is C to crouch to help stabilize your aim and the spacebar to jump.


If you’re playing Winter Clash 3D on mobile, you’d be using the joystick to move around. Auto-Shoot is enabled when an enemy comes in between your crosshairs so you don’t have to worry about shooting. There’s also a jump button on the right hand side of the screen, just above the button for the scope. You can also press the scorecard at the top of the screen to check out how many points you have.


  • A progressive power-up system for you to improve your character
  • Boosts Scattered across the map to make each game more intense and fun!
  • An Achievement System in the game so there’s always something for you to strive for
  • A Leaderboard in the game to help immortalize the top scorers! 

March 2023

Freeway Interactive

Cross platform