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Yatzy Arena


Yatzy Arena

Play the renowned dice game of skill, luck, and strategy in Yatzy Arena against other players worldwide. Besides simply being lucky, you can influence the outcome by wisely selecting the dice you want to hold on to before the next roll. Level up as you play to compete against more seasoned opponents, earn achievements, and climb the monthly leaderboards!

How to play Yatzy Arena?

You have up to 3 dice rolls available in Yatzy Arena, and before the next roll, you can select the dice you want to put away by clicking on them. To fill out the designated score boxes, click on them once you've managed to get the desired combination. Each still empty score box is highlighted, and the sum of your current dice combination is shown in it.

At a glance, you'll notice that the scoreboard is divided into two sections, upper and lower. It's a good idea to focus on the upper section at the beginning of the duel because if you score a total of 63 points in it, you're awarded a bonus of 35 points. If you multiply all the numbers of the square dice by 3 and add up the products, you'll get the exact value required for the bonus.

It’s always better to save "Chance" for later and keep the big numbers in your hand if you’re uncertain which exact combination you want to go for after the unfavorable roll. This way, if you can’t add points in any of the remaining boxes, at least you’ll get a big sum in the “Chance” section.

What are the controls for Yatzy Arena?

Tap or click on the dice you want to hold in your hand and click "Roll" to try your luck again with the ones remaining on the board.


  • Competitive multiplayer dice game
  • Choose wisely which dice to keep or re-roll in different situations
  • Level up to unlock new game modes and climb the leaderboards

March 2023


Cross platform