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Game Tiny Fishing preview
Game Tiny Fishing preview

Tiny Fishing

Tiny Fishing

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Tiny Fishing

The fans of fishing games will surely appreciate Tiny Fishing! Here you can catch so many fish that it will be very difficult to stop! And you know you're catching fish for a reason — your fishing brings money. The more you catch, the more you earn, and the more opportunities you have to find rare specimens for your fishing rod. It's a nice exchange, ain't it?

The Tiny Fishing game was released by Mad Buffer in December 2020 and became instantly popular as, during that time, people were trapped in their homes because of the pandemic. The service is available to players in the web browsers of computers and smartphones. The game mimics real-life fishing because here, too, you should be patient and wait for a chance to catch that rare fish.

How to play Tiny Fishing

At the beginning of the process, you can already understand how easy it is to play this game. A simple interface allows you to quickly learn the rules of the game and its meaning. You are invited to cast a fishing rod by swiping the mouse with the left button pressed to the right and left. And you start fishing. The rarer the specimen you catch, the higher its value.

To catch the rarest fish, you need to improve the conditions; the game will promptly let you know when you can do it. With upgrades, you can catch fish at a lower depth, earning even more money.

What is the last fish in Tiny Fishing and how do you catch it?

It will take quite some time to catch the elusive ultimate prize. Delve into the depths of the vast ocean and discover a flourishing marine ecosystem. The last fish in Tiny Fishing inhabiting the ocean depths isn’t a fish at all but a purple seahorse.

What are the controls for Tiny Fishing?

Click and drag the fishing hook in the fishes direction with your mouse and try to catch as many as you can!

Tiny Fishing Tips and Tricks

  • To stop the slider at the very top and reach the current maximum depth, try to tap the Play button once the arrow is approximately at the 45° angle.
  • To reach greater depths faster, it’s important to upgrade Max fishes for an extra profit before spending the cash on Max depth. When you’re about to finish your current session, cast a few more hooks and only then upgrade the Offline earnings.
  • Once you’re fishing in the deep, hook all the fish as soon as you can. Reeling the line out if you haven’t yet caught the number equal to your current Max fishes is painfully slow, and will take up a lot of your time in the long run.


  • Earn money and upgrade their equipment to improve their chances of catching bigger and rarer fish.
  • Various fish species, each with their own unique behavior and value!
  • Endless feeling depth.

Learn more about Tiny Fishing

How many stages are there in tiny fishing?

Tiny Fishing is an endless game, and there are no stages in it except for 10 different fish and other marine animal types living at different depths.

Are sharks included in tiny fishing?

We’re not marine biologists, but as far as we could tell, there are no sharks in this awesome fishing game, only dolphins.

What comes after the seahorse?

After the purple seahorse, there are more purple sea horses. As for now, unfortunately, the purple seahorse is the ultimate marine animal you can catch.

What is the max depth?

Max depth is theoretically infinite, but increasing it becomes painstakingly time-consuming after 100 meters.

What is the best hook?

The hooks are purely cosmetic upgrades and don’t affect the gameplay in any way. It’s all up to your personal preference.

Release date

July 2020


Mad Buffer


All devices

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