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Game Oil Tycoon 2 preview
Game Oil Tycoon 2 preview

Oil Tycoon 2

Oil Tycoon 2

Theatre mode
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9.3(28 votes)

Oil Tycoon 2

Oil Tycoon 2 is a management game that allows you to enter the virtual world of the oil industry. Expand, invest, exploit, distribute, and bribe your way around. After all, why stay honest if you can boost your profits through shady dealings? This idle clicker will offer you a chance to start small and eventually become the ultimate oil tycoon.

How to play Oil Tycoon 2

In Oil Tycoon 2, you need to establish an oil rig and keep expanding it. You can increase your profits by buying new types of machinery and hiring skilled workers. The more industry, workers, and infrastructure there is, the more oil you can extract and sell. There are plenty of upgrades, and you have to try to get them all. As a tycoon, you can make smart investments to earn passive income. But it’s not all just about the money. To increase your global standing, you need to also work on your reputation. Oil tycoon 2 is a game where you start with very little and expand your business rapidly, thus becoming filthy rich and powerful.

What are the controls for Oil Tycoon 2?

On the phone, you can tap near the oil rig to collect the money. To collect it in bulk, you need to hold and tap. For all other operations, you need to tap on the buttons. On a PC, you can simply click or hold with your mouse. You can also navigate various menus with the mouse.


  • Clicker game with advanced mechanics
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Lots of upgrades
  • Virtual business gaming experience

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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