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Fury Bike Rider

Fury Bike Rider is an amazing 3D bike riding simulation featuring immersive graphics, multiple game modes, and adrenaline-packed gameplay. Earn stars and cash for winning races or completing challenges, and collect diamonds in the open world while free driving. The stages you’ll ride across are anything but ordinary, so brace yourself for an out-of-this-world experience!

You can customize your ride with epic paint jobs, but also boost its performance by investing in engine upgrades, and unlock even more powerful 2-wheeled beasts. All of the 7 bike models available are truly gorgeous, and it’s up to you to bring out the best in these roaring machines.

How to play Fury Bike Rider

If you’re a decent rider, racing is actually the easiest game mode available. There are a total of 24 tracks to complete, and while they’re getting more difficult as you progress through the game, they’re not too challenging, especially if you invest money earned in bike upgrades regularly.

To complete the 24 challenges available, you need to have a much better control of your motorcycle compared to racing since the platforms you must land on after jumping off ramps leave less room for mistakes.

Free riding is a great mode for practicing your skills but also testing the limits of your bike. You’ll earn cash for doing crazy stunts while playing it but also collect diamonds you can spend on purchasing the most powerful bikes available.

What are the controls for Fury Bike Rider?

You can currently play Fury Bike Rider exclusively in a PC browser. Use WASD or the arrow keys to drive, and the C key to change the camera perspective.


  • An immersive 3D bike riding simulation 
  • Three game modes posing unique challenges
  • New bikes, skins, and mechanical upgrades to purchase

Release date

February 2021


AYN Games



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