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Stock Car Hero

Stock Car Hero is an incredible arcade driving game that lets you get a glimpse of what car racing games looked like in their infancy. Bringing an old-school vibe to the table, you can but steer on a 4 track series of races and overtake multiple drivers on your road to the podium.

Considering you’re starting at a disadvantageous position, this will be quite a feat. Luckily enough, you’ll earn plenty of coins throughout your career to upgrade your car after each race. To make things even better, this exquisite racing game features an amazing soundtrack and immersive sound effects.

How to play Stock Car Hero

The only way to pick up the pace is by driving over the forward-facing arrowheads scattered along the race tracks. Naturally, the most important thing to do is to spot them as soon as possible so you can switch lanes timely and stay on the optimal driving route.

The harder part is avoiding the things that will slow you down and learning how to overtake the NPC drivers efficiently. Bumping into the rear side of the opponents’ vehicles will slow you down, and it’s very difficult to gain enough momentum and overtake dozens of cars in such a short race.

When approaching a vehicle, decide from which side you’ll overtake it preemptively. Be careful not to drive off the racing track since doing this slows you down, too.

What are the controls for Stock Car Hero?

You can become the Stock Car Hero on both PC and mobile devices. Use the WASD or arrow keys to steer on a PC. Rotate your device horizontally, then swipe to steer left or right.


  • An old-school arcade racing game
  • Your career consists of multiple 4-race series 
  • Mechanical upgrades to your car after each race
  • Music and sound effects exceed the expectations

Release date

October 2019




All devices

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