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Game Highway Racer preview
Game Highway Racer preview

Highway Racer

Highway Racer

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Highway Racer

Highway Racer is an intense racing car game. Race your car on the highway and get points for driving recklessly!

How to play Highway Racer?

Highway Racer is a pretty fun game to play. It can be played in five distinct modes:

  1. One Way. This refers to the traffic direction as traffic only travels one way, this is a fun mode to start the game with. It’ll help you understand the driving and points mechanism and you’ll be able to earn some cash to help upgrade your vehicle.
  2. Two Way. Traffic in this mode travels two ways, you get bonus points for driving on the wrong side here. This is a pretty intense mode and requires a lot of focus to be able to gain points.
  3. Time Attack. You’re racing against the clock in this mode here, try to cover as much distance as you can before the time runs out.
  4. Speed Bomb. There’s been a bomb attached to your car and if you slow down too much the bomb begins to countdown and explode. This is a high-stakes game mode where you’re going to be speeding through the highway all the time.
  5. Multiplayer. In this game mode, you connect to the server and race an opponent on the highway. It’s a pretty cool game mode to try out with your friends.

In Highway Racer, there are also three weather conditions you can play in; Sunny, Night and Rainy. These do not affect the gameplay but it’s nice to see that you can change these if you so wish to. You can also buy and upgrade vehicles in the main menu. You’ll have to collect a lot of in-game currency for it but it’s definitely a good option to check out.

What are the controls for Highway Racer?

On desktop, use the W key to accelerate forward, A/D keys to steer the car left and right respectively and press spacebar to use the brakes.

On mobile, you’ll have four buttons available to you. There’ll be two on the left side of the screen for steering the car and then two on the right side of the screen for accelerating and braking. Press those to play and have a blast!



  • A 3D racing game: You can race cars on cars on highways and in incoming traffic to gain bonus points!
  • Multiple modes: There are different modes for different playing styles, choose the way you want to play!
  • Upgrade system: You can upgrade your favorite vehicle and even customize it with a custom paint job or even special tires!

Release date

January 2018


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