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Game Sling Drift preview
Game Sling Drift preview

Sling Drift

Sling Drift

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Sling Drift

Leave the skid marks on a swerving road and propel your ride toward a new high score in Sling Drift! This adrenaline-packed 2D car drifting simulation features endless gameplay and randomly generated race tracks for each playthrough.

The extraordinary thing about this game is that you don’t affect the driving speed of your ride but only its trajectory. Your vehicle moves at a constant speed until you reach the next level. That’s how the game gradually picks up pace and becomes even more entertaining but also challenging.

The steering itself isn’t what one might expect from a drifting simulation. You don’t get to turn left or right the usual way, but attach your car to the anchor point positioned at the near side of each curve, thus initiating a drift.

How to play Sling Drift

This game is all about the perfect timing. After crashing more than a couple of times you’ll get a sense of the unique game mechanics, and after some practice performing perfect drifts comes naturally.

It’s optimal to keep your car in the middle of the road after cutting corners, but this is often easier said than done. If you’re positioned on the near side before entering a curve, prolong attaching to the anchor a bit to avoid crashing. Similarly, while you’re driving on the far edge try to connect with the orange dot as soon as possible.

What are the controls for Sling Drift?

You can play Sling Drift on mobile and PC devices alike. Tap or click to attach the car to an anchor point, hold to keep drifting, and timely release to exit the corner smoothly.


  • An extraordinary 2D car drifting simulation
  • Randomly generated race tracks
  • Challenging endless gameplay
  • Up to 7 gorgeous car models

Release date

November 2018





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