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City Car Driving Simulator

Explore the urban environment while driving a gorgeous sports car in City Car Driving Simulator! This driving simulation features vivid 3D graphics, casual gameplay, and aims to deliver a realistic driving experience. There are no specific tasks or objectives, and you can explore the city freely, but not entirely at your own pace because each playing session is time-limited.

Having a 2-minute time limit for each playthrough is an odd design decision, but you will spawn at a random spot in the city each time you start over. This will allow you to get to know the entire city better and discover some interesting sections, such as ramps to jump over, construction sites to drive across, and so much more.

How to play City Car Driving Simulator

Since there aren’t any objectives in this driving simulation game, you can casually drive around the city to get to know your supercar’s road performance better. Turning corners is problematic if you enter them at full speed, so you must brake preemptively to continue driving smoothly.

Once you’ve figured out the basics, you should start using the hand brake and the nitro boost to get the most out of the powerful sports car. Experiment with different camera perspectives and try out the first-person driving mode for an enhanced, more immersive experience.

What are the controls for City Car Driving Simulator?

You can play City Car Driving Simulator for free in a PC browser. 

  • WASD/arrow keys — drive
  • Space — hand brake
  • F — nitro boost
  • C — change the camera perspective
  • G — slow motion


  • Supercar driving simulation set in an urban environment
  • An immersive driving experience
  • Multiple camera perspectives
  • The entire city to explore

Release date

January 2018


BoneCracker Games


All devices

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