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Super Mario Bros 2

If you’re a savvy gamer, you’re well aware that not many games have achieved such a legendary status worldwide as is the case with Super Mario Bros 2. In this iteration of the 2D arcade platform action genre-defining classic, there are a total of 11 challenging levels available for you to try and complete.

In every level, you must collect up to three golden stars and then return to the beginning to complete it. The game mechanics are simple and easy to get into, but the gameplay is actually quite challenging, especially if you’re new to the genre.

This game allows you to take a glimpse of what the peak gaming experience used to look like over thirty years ago. It goes to show that gameplay is always the most important factor of any game, and it’s no wonder that people are still enjoying timeless classics like this one.

How to play Super Mario Bros 2

There are several NPCs you’ll encounter across different levels, and they’re all hostile, so don’t even try making friends with them. You may kill or incapacitate some by jumping on their heads, but others have evolved their armor to repel these types of attacks. I’m looking at you, the turtle with the upward-facing spike on your shell!

It’s important to note that you can move left or right mid-jump, which is especially important if you’re trying to land on a platform that’s directly above you. You don’t have to collect all the coins anyway, but why not try? 

What are the controls for Super Mario Bros 2?

Super Mario Bros 2 is exclusively playable in a PC browser. Use the arrow keys to move and the Space/Z keys to jump/select.


  • 2D arcade platform action classic
  • Up to 11 challenging levels to complete
  • Old-school graphics, fantastic gameplay

Release date

February 2023





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