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January 31, 2023

Best Free Online Adventure Games You Should Play Right Now!

Lawrence R.
11 min read
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Adventure has always been a part of our imagination since time immemorial. Nothing makes us look forward to something but to embark on a journey to lands unknown, to see and meet new people, and to go out there in the wild. But sometimes, it’s just way better to do it indoors, right? Not like you’re keen on getting hurt on the way in?

We Listed The Best Free Online Adventure Games You Should Play Right Now!


Adventure is a genre that has been around ever since gaming became a thing. It gave us a lot of iconic titles you’ll ever hear—Final Fantasy, the Legend of Zelda, and among other things! Those are still around these days, sure, but did you know that there are also free games with this genre available to play right now?

And that’s what this article is here to show you! We’re listing down six best adventure games to play around free online game websites, and if you ever get interested in any of them, go ahead and give them a visit!


1. BitLife Simulator

A peculiar adventure game that is both playable on PC and Mobile, BitLife Simulator lets you live the life of someone else around the world, from birth to their unavoidable death! Wait, that may have sounded a bit grim, but it’s all about living the best you can ever get than going too far obsessed over the charms of immortality, or maybe not…?

When I mentioned that you really live your life starting from infancy, I’m not kidding! You get to play as an infant where you’ll sooner or later become a child entering elementary school. Depending on the version you’re playing in, especially as the Mobile version has more features such as actually getting interactive classmates and co-workers, you’re bound to live the life of your character.

You start off as a child, depending on your circumstances, you’ll be directly (or not?) supported by your parents as you grow up. It features several primary stats that you need to properly manage to progress without much issues, which is Happiness, Health, Smarts, and Looks.

All four has particular requirements to both increase and decrease. If you cram yourself up to a library in your entire childhood, your Looks might suffer, but neglect your studies hard enough and you’ll be in trouble!

While the PC version is available to play for free, there is also a free version for mobile! However, keep in mind that many of its additional features is locked unless you purchase their BITIZEN package, which rewards you with further customization such as setting your social status right off the bat in the custom start screen! The mobile version also has other stuff such as:

  • Interact with your classmates/co-workers, along with your teacher or boss!
  • Run for a political office!
  • Tons of options for your career, from a humble deliveryman, to a pilot!
  • Real Estate extras, ever wanted to buy a home dirt cheap only to find out it’s haunted Be our guest!

Regardless, BitLife, both free and paid versions, provides you with the experience of living the life of someone else in the world over your screen! What path you head for is all up to you, at your discretion, so step into BitLife, where the world is definitely your oyster!

Play it here for free: https://www.hahagames.com/game/bitlife-life-simulator


2. Stickman Hero Fight

Don’t let the title fool you, perhaps the first thing you’ll notice is that they aren’t particularly stickman-esque! Quite the dealbreaker considering the name, but the game itself is actually kind of nice! It fares its title with being a ‘Hero fighter’ well, as you are brought into the fray to defeat a tyrannous dynasty out!

Stickman Hero Fight is a side-scrolling adventure with the controls of standard RPG elements. It also features 3 different characters with different abilities, attacks, and skills as you go up against bosses that you’ll meet per level!

Along with that RPG design, it also carries an equipment system. Each gives different stats, and sometimes you’ll get equipment with unique rarity that gives higher stat bonuses than standard ones. However, keep in mind that this equipment drops no matter who you’re using, because it’s entirely possible to get other characters’ equipment when you’re not actively using them!

With the stat bonuses, you are also able to upgrade equipment, but it’s not merely limited to that. You can your skills upgraded, including passive skills that benefits you without needing to use them! They cost quite a lot, however, so you might need to do a bit of grinding to get there!

Just looking at those screenshots, it’s easy to surmise that it’s a game that is also meant to be played for mobile. That’s not wrong, but you can also use WASD/Arrow Keys to move your character if you have to. There are also indicators for the keys to jump or use your skills, albeit they’re kind of awkward.

Either way, there’s still quite the fun to be had here. The randomized loot system does give both blessings and…not so much of a blessing time to time, but if you enjoy this sort of grinding, hop on! It also features:

  • Daily Login Rewards
  • Mounts!
  • A comprehensive equipment enchantment system
  • Events with unique rewards!

So, step right in now, and enter the world of Stickman Hero Fight!

Play it here: https://www.hahagames.com/game/stickman-hero-fight


3. Sonny

Bringing in for the third is Sonny, a classic turn-based game where you’re practically a zombie! You find yourself stranded on a ship, literally dead, only to rise up and have a kind soul named Louis to pick you up and bring you to action! What follows is on your hands, as the game takes you through the story on how Sonny became a moving, coherent zombie despite the well-known understanding that zombies can’t…or can they?

Being a true to classic turn-based fight, your equipment matters in this field. You can obtain items from fights, all of which has different stats and capabilities to handle. Don’t forget as well that at the start of the game, you’ll be deciding your class to use, which would dictate what sort of weapons you should go for.

Though don’t let that stop you! The game is pretty well-balanced and you can handle it well as long as you understand the difficulty spikes throughout the game. It’s not that hard, especially as you’ll eventually find allies to help you.

There is also the matter of item rarity, similar to the 2nd game I mentioned, as those also matter on the bonuses they incur! Later on in the game, you can access a training battle where it’s not relevant to pace the story, which can be used to farm this kind of equipment or earn money to buy them instead!


The game also has a sequel, Sonny 2! It features a new set of equipment along with major improvements, but more importantly, it still retained several features. It is, however, quite important to play 1 first if you wanted to dive into the story!

Story aside, Sonny brings these things into the table:

  • Comprehensive Skills that can be arranged in your liking!
  • Grind is not that bad, though it may get longer past early game.
  • Rarity Mechanics that distributes different bonuses, preventing monopoly and deciding to maintain your current equipment for the bonus!
  • A compelling story of a zombie seeking to know what happened to himself, and the conspiracy behind it.

If you wish to play Sonny right now, walk right through! Help our beleaguered zombie friend find the truth as he trudges into the world, with him trying to talk to fellow zombies and failing!

Play it here: Sonny 1: https://armorgames.com/play/505/sonny

Sonny 2: https://armorgames.com/play/2900/sonny-2



4. Aground

Caught in a furious storm of extreme proportions, our protagonist finds themselves stuck into an island. It’s up to you to help the protag on building up a settlement as he finds more survivors in the island they settled into, and see if there’s a way to get back home!

In Aground, you along with the other survivors of differing professions seek to build up from where you started—your humble hut. You’re tasked with managing the settlement, but they will also help as they go around to collect materials for you.

Building up is something upon your whim as well. You place the buildings where they are to be built upon on, which lets you decide on whether or not have important buildings close to each other.

As soon as you make contact with the miner, however, another opening is brought into the fray—underground! You can mine materials such as coal and iron under the earth, though watch out for the hazards brought upon by natural and monsters underground.

While there are a lot to do and collect, watch out for your stamina, however! Remember to keep at least several food items with you as you’ll need them to replenish your stamina. Gathering too much items also would incur a penalty to your stamina and slow you down, so keep that in mind before you go in a long underground expedition or if you’re about to get gung-ho on collecting wood and other stuff!

All-in-all, the game features the following:

  • A combat system which can be punishing.
  • Unlimited Storage for the warehouse, though sometimes some items do get stolen.
  • Various crafting recipes for both food, materials, and items!
  • An expansive world filled with bounties and danger!
  • A difficulty setting for those who wants to take it easy!

Aground finds itself in a good position to be a strong free-to-play game, with no microtransactions at all either! If you want that good classic resource collection adventure, go ahead and hop in!

Play it here: https://armorgames.com/aground-game/18245



5. Arcuz

Step into the world of Sakara as your adventure starts off from the humble village of Arcuz. A classic fantasy adventure RPG, this game is a classic adventure RPG that is quite reminiscent of old RPG games, but this is entirely free and easily playable online. Equip various weapons and enhance them further as you discover the secrets of this world!

One of it’s major difference from the games similar to it during its time is that it’s not a usual turn-based RPG. Your attacks are transferred real-time, and you’re able to skirt harder enemies as long as you get the timing…most of the time. Some enemies attack instantly which makes it harder, but it’s quite worth it as the drop rates here aren’t that bad.

It also features elemental enchantments over your weapons, which really helps it provide much of the bonus over various enemies. This also comes as a problem too, as attacking an element that is entirely opposed to your weapon’s would do less damage than usual.

Though, this isn’t not without issues. One can see them if you read the comment section, but there are several bugs in-game that may break the game, such as enemies not spawning for certain quests, or skills being bugged out that may cause issues performance-wise.

But in its heart, it’s a true RPG adventure game at its helm. I outlined a few positive points such as:

  • Your gear changes how you look in the world!
  • Equipping potions in an easily accessible bar is helpful without the need to open the inventory every time!
  • The skill system may be small, but the change is quite drastically exponential that it’s worth it to invest on.

If you seek to play some good ol’ school RPGs, look no further! Arcuz is here to fill that in, so play now!

Play it here: https://www.kongregate.com/games/funnaut/arcuz-full-version


6. Arkandian Explorer

Once a name that has quite the fame in the old forums and discussion boards, Arkandian Explorer is a dungeon-diving adventure RPG where you dive into dungeons, fight enemies, and take the resources from there as you grow.

The game features several weapon types. A classic slash, a piercing bow, or perhaps you’re more keen to using magic? Along with it, there are several progressive equipment that you can both buy or get as a drop from either the treasure chests or enemies in the game, all of which provides a variety of bonuses.

Along with these is a crafting mechanic that lets you build equipment or materials on your own. These would require some dungeon diving to start off with, but they are sometimes worth it as you’d need equipment as you go further into the game.

Keep in mind, however, one of the major things that revolve around this particular game. There’s a reason why it’s met with both criticism and praise back in the day, mainly because of its quite brutal attack hit chance system. Right off the bat, you’ll start with quite a bad enough chances to hit (I started with normal attacks sitting at 48% hit rate…perhaps every session, or if you pick a different race, would it be different perhaps?) that really puts in a frustrating pressure on you.

While it does sport quite the shortcomings, everything can be overcome as long as you have the patience for it. Your hit chances can increase as you slowly develop your skills to higher levels, and since you’re practically required to dive into dungeons, you’ll be doing that and achieving that particular goal along the way.

There are also several extra things that this game holds up:

  • A home which you can customize.
  • A variety of crafting and alchemy recipes that can help you as you dive into dungeons.
  • Particularly easily accessed skills from tomes that can drop.
  • Achieving certain milestones let you get awards that rewards you on your next run.

It’s a game that is quite phenomenal from its time, but even then, there’s still a charm to it even to this day. It did frustrate me sometimes, but it’s the small victories that matter, and I hope this is true for anyone who wants to play it as well!

Play it here: https://armorgames.com/play/14170/arkandian-explorer