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August 27, 2023

The 12 Best Mountain Bike Games to Play for Free

Andrey D.
8 min read
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MTB games offer an incredible simulation of the popular sport where you perform jaw-dropping tricks and enjoy the adrenaline rush without risking your safety. If you’re into extreme activities like biking across dangerous terrains, mountain bike games could really offer you a good bit of entertainment.

These games have become the resolution for bike enthusiasts who couldn’t explore the world on their bikes during lockdown. Whether speeding downhill, jumping over rocks, or racing against other players, the following list of the 12 best mountain bike games will help you relax and have good fun.

A Review of the Best Mountain Biking Video Games of 2023

Let’s continue to review the best mountain biking video games of 2023 below. Each review includes descriptions, highlight features, and useful tips for you to enjoy and master the game. Without further ado, let’s go and see which one is your favorite among the 12 best mountain bike games of 2023!

MX Offroad Mountain Bike

MX Offroad Mountain Bike is an offroad mountain biking game featuring exciting gameplay as you pedal down a challenging trail. The difficulty levels are varied, so prepare yourself to overcome a series of different obstacles along the path. As you’re a pro biker, your bike is equipped with a speed indicator. It’s especially important for speed control when you take an urgent turn or descend down a steep mountain.


One special thing that makes MX Offroad Mountain Bike even more enjoyable is the option to play with your friend. In this mode, the screen is split in half, allowing you and your friend to play simultaneously. To win the race, you’ll need to figure out which road would be the best one to take. And don’t be afraid to explore some hidden trails, as they might be much faster and easier to cross.

Play it here for free: https://www.hahagames.com/game/mx-offroad-mountain-bike

MX OffRoad Master

Can’t wait to reach the finish line first in a thrilling bike race across the mountains? MX OffRoad Master gives you a chance to do that in two available game modes — Mountain Ride and Free Ride. The first mode, Mountain Ride, consists of 14 levels that increase in difficulty. Meanwhile, the second one, Free Ride, provides multiple tracks to collect coins and diamonds for bike upgrades.


MX OffRoad Master also offers a two-player option to play with your friend on the same device in both game modes. On top of that, if you accidentally crash your bike, you can continue the game from one of many checkpoints along the trail. Thus, don’t hold back from doing some wild tricks as you ride to add even more excitement. And make sure you know how to switch between the two views, so you can better orient yourself in the surrounding area.

Play it here for free: https://www.hahagames.com/game/mx-offroad-master

MTB Hero

MTB Hero is a free-to-play mountain biker game where you can compete in three levels for gold medals. Your goal is to finish each level in the shortest time possible while avoiding obstacles and collecting coins and boosts. You can use the boosts to speed up and the coins to purchase upgrades in the Train Your Hero section. These upgrades will improve your bike’s speed, balance, power, and boost capabilities.


In addition, there are two characters for you to choose from. Don’t forget to upgrade their skills individually and unlock new levels for each of them. While racing, your speed and time are displayed on top of the screen, along with the records for each kind of medal. Practice makes perfect, so don’t give up and break that gold medal record!

Cycle Extreme

Cycle Extreme is the next must-play mountain bike game on this list. The 2D game features challenging gameplay where you must make your way downhill while trying to avoid various obstacles. Learning to control your bike is a journey with both ups and downs. The crashes are frustrating, but the adrenaline rush of leaping over creeks makes it all worthwhile.


A timer is displayed in the top left corner of the screen, and you should check it regularly while playing. Try to improve your biking skills to break your own records and finish all 20 levels of the game! Keep in mind that it will get more and more difficult as you move on to the following levels. Launch Cycle Extreme now and see how many levels you can beat!

Bike Mania

Bike Mania is another MTB game you should check out as a fan of thrilling bike rides. This 2D game requires you to overcome a series of obstacles, including rocks and barrels, throughout multiple levels. There is a timer at the top of the screen to determine your score for the level, so try to finish the track as soon as possible for better results.


Once you pass all the obstacles, you can move to the next level. But be careful not to go too fast since you’ll crash face down or flip over. One more thing to note, you can back up and let the front wheel go over the obstacle first, then slowly move forward to pass. Use this tip wisely to make yourself the next mountain bike champion.

Mountain Bike

In Mountain Bike, you will bike as fast as you can before running out of energy. On your way to the end of the track, don’t forget to collect the energy boosts and maintain your energy bar. You can only reach the next level if you finish the track in time.


Although Mountain Bike features quite simple graphics, its easy gameplay and controls are suitable for children and those looking for a time-killing hobby. As a free browser game, it takes no effort to try Mountain Bike in a split second and see if you can conquer its challenges.          

Mountain Bicycle Xtreme

Mountain Bicycle Xtreme will put you in the shoe of a pro biker. You’ll select a theme at the beginning with a collection of six themes and more to come in the future. Press the pedals and go as far as you can to get all the coins on the trail. Stay aware of the dangerous bumps because it won’t always be a pleasant ride. Also, note that you can earn more coins by doing tricks like riding on the front or back wheel and flipping over.


One of the best features of Mountain Bicycle Xtreme is its realistic physics. You’ll bike through a forest, feeling the cool wind brushing your hair and listening to the birds chirping lively in the background. Unlike others, there is a relaxing element to Mountain Bicycle Xtreme where you aren’t competing in a race but take it at your own pace and enjoy a calm moment. At the same time, you can perform any tricks as preferred thanks to the simple yet practical game controls.

MTB Hill Bike Rider

If you’re a mountain biking enthusiast, MTB Hill Bike Rider is a must-try for you. In this adventurous mountain biking game, you’ll be a freestyle biker rushing across the mountains. With a first-person viewpoint and a minimap to check for directions, MTB Hill Bike Rider features outstanding biking simulation and exciting gameplay.


The mountainous terrain is designed to closely resemble the real world, making it one of the most lifelike mountain biking games you’ll play. In addition, you need to learn how to control the handlebar and brakes for freestyle stunts. Take your time to get acquainted with the game controls while having a blast riding downhill through breathtaking scenery.

MTB Pro Racer Game

This 3D mountain biker game offers you one of the most engrossing competitions where you can knock your opponents off their bikes and collect power-ups on the track. As you start, there are options for single-rider or multi-rider mode for you to choose from. While the multi-rider mode gives you the adrenaline rush in a bike race, the single-rider one allows for training before entering the championship.


You may check your position, ranking, time, and boosters on the screen. Don’t forget to collect the bats and hit your competitors. Speed boosters and ramp jumping help you get ahead of the others. At the same time, be careful, as others may hit you with their bats as well. It will slow you down for a moment, but get up quickly and head back to the race. Let’s strive for the highest rank and see how many points you get at the end of the game!

Mountain Bike Challenge

Mountain Bike Challenge allows you to perform dangerous tricks on 12 different tracks. You’ll need to complete the required task for each track to unlock the next one. The tasks might include leaping over rocks, doing backflips, and riding uphill for stars. Though challenging, you’ll definitely have a great time trying to solve the puzzles and move on to the next level.

This mountain bike game features 2D graphics and increasing-difficulty levels. Momentum is something you should keep in mind to solve tasks quickly. Use the arrow keys to control your bike for speed-ups, jumps, flips, and any other tricks you can think of to achieve your goals. These tips will help you get through all the tracks safely without crashing your bike upside-down.

Stickman Downhill

Featuring a funny stickman design, Stickman Downhill is the next game on this list. With multiple levels, it offers one of the most exciting multilevel gameplays among those that we have mentioned. Moreover, you can select from different bike models with distinctive specifications, depending on your preference and how much you’re willing to spend for the purchase.

You have to overcome challenging bumps and perform tricks for money on the way. Then, you can use what you have earned on the new bike to prepare for the next challenge. Compete and reinvest to see how many levels you can finish in Stickman Downhill within the time limit. Remember to be creative with your tricks for more rewards at the end.

Real MTB Downhill 3D

Finally, on this list, we have Real MTB Downhill 3D. As its name suggests, you’ll be riding your mountain bike downhill in a fascinating 3D experience that simulates the real-life extreme sport. There are five different tracks you have to complete within a time limit. Try to avoid all the obstacles on your way and finish the track to unlock the next level. Also, pay attention to the timer on top of the screen and ensure you get to the end of the track in time.


Real MTB Downhill 3D allows you to customize your bike and character’s outfit using coins. You can also purchase speed-ups and energy drinks to increase your abilities during the game. The tip to winning this game is momentum and speed control. Slow down as you make dangerous turns or jump ramps. That said, the game gives you an open space for freestyle stunts, so use your creativity to complete the tracks and achieve victory in this mountain bike championship.

In conclusion, mountain bike games continue to be one of the most popular genres of online browser games today. Whether you are a biking enthusiast who doesn’t have a chance to travel with your bike or just looking for something fun to pass the time, these mountain bike games definitely help you release stress after a long working day.

Some of them, like MX Offroad Mountain Bike, even offer you a chance to play with friends in a two-player mode, which is something you should consider if you love to spend some quality time with others. In contrast, Mountain Bicycle Xtreme presents a peaceful solo ride through stunning mountainous terrain.

Other than that, try the competitive mountain biking championship in MTB Hero or MTB Pro Racer Game if you’re into racing. Additionally, most of the mentioned games give you a space for creativity and freestyle tricks, which you can use to perform some crazy stunts on the track.