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Game MX Offroad Mountain Bike preview
Game MX Offroad Mountain Bike preview

MX Offroad Mountain Bike

MX Offroad Mountain Bike

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MX Offroad Mountain Bike

Push that pedal to the metal! MX Offroad Mountain Bike features exhilarating gameplay centered on traversing bike trails across the mountains, riding across cliffs, stone formations, rickety wooden bridges and more! And what’s more, you can play with a friend as well!

How to play MX Offroad Mountain Bike?

You play as a biker, complete with a resilient mountain bike and a phone with a speed indicator, which would be important as you traverse through the trail with varying levels of difficulty. Most of the path is, as the game suggests, offroad, therefore don’t expect a smooth ride across the way as you get to yellow banner checkpoints towards the end of a trail.

No Roads? No problem! – The trail, while quite haphazard to traverse, actually provides quite a lot of opportunities. Perhaps at some point, you’re expected to move over wooden bridges, but you can actually just power through the rocks beneath and get to the lower bridges below that runs through a river! As long as both tires touch the track, you’re good!

Pipes and Bridges Guaranteed! – A trail is called a trail itself without several challenges. Pipes laid with a path, or perhaps you’re feeling more of it and tried to run across it on the sides, provides a great challenge to get you the momentum you need!

Gravity is a friend and foe – You play as a Biker. Bikes, while they do speed up as you pedal, also speeds up as soon as your descent. Remember to keep this in mind as you get into turns and descents, as an uncontrolled speed can spell yourself to getting thrashed!

What are the controls for MX Offroad Mountain Bike?

  • You can use WASD and Arrow Keys to move
  • Hitting the Spacebar triggers your brakes
  • For 2P mode, Player 1 uses WASD keys while Player 2 uses Arrow Keys to move


  • 2 players compatible – Built on a split-screen support, you can play with a friend as you traverse through the trail together, as in you can see them yourself while you speed through the mountain!
  • Trekking Gameplay – Mountain passes, cliff paths, tunnels, you name it! The game features a lot of them that you can run through as you speed across!
  • Customizability – You can customize quite a lot of options such as your bike, your shirt, and more! If you’re playing with a friend, they can also customize theirs as well!

Release date

March 2021


RHM Interactive



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