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MX OffRoad Master

MX OffRoad Master is a thrilling racing bike game where you can perform gravity-defying stunts on your bicycle and race across the mountains. Play with a friend on the same device and find out who the true offroading master is!

How to play MX OffRoad Master?

MX OffRoad Master is a fun game where you’ll need to maneuver through sharp turns and jump across mountainous terrain. The objective is to avoid crashing your bicycle and successfully cross the finish line. There are also a bunch of checkpoints scattered across the map so you can restart from there if you do suffer an unfortunate accident. 

There are two modes available for you to try out in the game:

  1. Mountain Ride. This is a fun game mode with 14 exciting levels you can try out. These levels get increasingly harder to beat as you progress and will require you to play extremely carefully. It can be played both alone and with a friend on the same device.
  2. Free Ride. Free Ride is a game mode where you can try out a bunch of unique tracks to gain diamonds and coins to purchase upgrades. It’s also available in both single-player and two-player.

What are the controls for MX OffRoad Master?

On desktop:

Player 1

  • WASD = move
  • Space = front brake
  • S = rear brake
  • C = switch camera
  • R = reset position

Player 2

  • Arrow keys = move
  • R-shift = front brake
  • Down arrow key = rear brake
  • O= switch camera
  • P = reset position


  • Simple controls. The controls of the game are easy to understand allowing players of all skill levels to try out and enjoy the game!
  • Progression system. The levels in the Mountain Ride mode get progressively harder to beat as you progress in the game.
  • Upgrade system. Earn gold to purchase upgrades for your bicycle in MX OffRoad Master.
  • Two-Player Game. Invite a friend to play with them on the same device and have a blast playing together!

Release date

December 2021


RHM Interactive



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