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Cat Girl Fashion Challenge


Cat Girl Fashion Challenge

Create the best look for different occasions and impress the fashion jury in the unique dress-up game Cat Girl Fashion Challenge! There are three deciding factors the judges will thoroughly examine when deciding who they’ll vote for. Take your time while selecting a variety of different clothing, hairstyles, shoes, and accessories to create your personal and eye-catching styles.

How to play Cat Girl Fashion Challenge

After choosing your avatar, you’re ready to attend the first event in the Cat Girl Fashion Challenge. You'll notice five menus on the right side of the interface, and the items available in each of them are shown at the bottom of your screen. The first three include earrings, necklaces, and other accessories such as handbags or sunglasses. All of these combined are evaluated as a single category once you submit the look for the fashion jury to rate.

You can win a maximum of three votes for the best look. Hairstyle and shoes can be changed in a single game menu, and if your combination is better than the opponents, you’re awarded a vote. The final category that will be assessed is your choice of clothing.

There are eight different events to attend, so you’ll dress-up your cat-girl differently for each of them. You’ll attend school, Christmas parties, and even your wedding! In Cat Girl Fashion Challenge, you don’t have to win in each event to unlock the next one, it is enough to simply try your best and submit the design.

What are the controls for Cat Girl Fashion Challenge?

Tap or click to choose the event, customization menus, select items, preview, and submit your look.


  • Become a fashion stylist of cute cat-girl models
  • Come up with styles for up to 8 different happenings
  • The items in your wardrobe vary for each occasion

March 2023


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