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Angry Gran

The new kids on the block are doomed because this Angry Gran has had enough of their nonsense. This old lady just wants to read the newspaper peacefully, but these kids nowadays have no moral values and play their awful music so loudly. They don’t even respect the elderly anymore, so it’s high time to teach them a lesson.

The Angry Gran is just a bit too radical and seems to settle all her disputes with a sledgehammer. Not that it’s the only weapon at her disposal, and there are some truly hilarious ones to unlock. The gameplay is endless, addictive, and weirdly relaxing. Whack your everyday frustrations away in this awesome 2D hack-and-slash game.

How to play Angry Gran

To keep smacking everything in your path for as long as possible, you must score the required number of points before reaching the finish line. You’ll improve your score by hitting both objects and NPCs you encounter on the street. You must avoid hitting the policemen, though, because doing this will put the straitjacket on the mad granny and temporarily incapacitate her.

The granny is doing her best to maintain order in the streets, but excessive hammer swings take a toll on her fragile back. She needs some time to regain her strength and start clubbing again. You can spend the coins earned to upgrade the main protagonist’s stat upgrades, buy new melee weapons, and purchase various boosts. Smack the delinquents with an entire arsenal of melee weapons, be it the skateboard, the lightsaber, or even the whole 8-pound chicken!

What are the controls for Angry Gran?

You can play this awesome hack-and-slash 2D running game on PC and mobile devices alike. Click or tap to swing the melee weapon. Hold and release to deliver a more powerful blow.


  • The granny is out of her mind
  • 2D action hack-and-slash
  • Endless running gameplay

Release date

June 2019


Ace Viral


All devices

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