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Doc Darling Bone Surgery

It’s a busy day at Doc Darling Bone Surgery — a merry little girl suffered an accident, and she requires urgent medical treatment. This poor soul only tried to avoid the cat that crossed the road, and ended up crashing her scooter into a tree! She doesn't look so good, and you can immediately tell she has several fractures. There's no time to waste, she needs your help right now!

How to play Doc Darling Bone Surgery

A sterile environment is of the utmost importance when performing surgery, your first of six tasks available is to clean the patient up. After thorough disinfection, it's time to assess the injuries, and to this end, you'll use an X-ray machine. Once all the damage is identified, you'll anesthetize the patient as the final preparation measure before the intervention.

With so many broken bones we should be thankful this brave young girl is still with us. It’s a good thing that Doc Darling Bone Surgery only hires the best of doctors, and her life is safe in your hands. There's no need to panic, tackle the issues one by one — straighten broken fingers, tend to the foot, realign the spine, and apply state-of-the-art rib prosthetics. Once a few broken teeth and the nose are taken care of, you can try out different outfits and looks for this brave little princess. Good job doc!

What are the controls for Doc Darling Bone Surgery?

Doc Darling Bone Surgery is playable on mobile and PC devices. Tap or click as instructed on the screen in each mini-game to complete the task.


  • Diagnose the injuries using the X-ray machine
  • Perform orthopedic surgery to save a girl
  • 6 different tasks consisting of various mini-games

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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