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Ellie And Ben Insta Fashion


Ellie And Ben Insta Fashion

Ellie and Ben Insta Fashion is one of the trendiest games for glitz and glamour lovers. In this game, your favorite couple Ellie and Ben want to become models, and they are getting ready to enter a contest — it’s your duty as the most wanted stylist in town to dress them up for the event. But you’ll need more than just a fashion sense; memorize the right items and put on some accessories to get them ready for their big night.

How To Play Ellie and Ben Insta Fashion

Ellie and Ben are getting ready for a contest in this dress-up game, and they need your help to glam up. They’ve already thought about some looks they want to go for, and you must pick some items and accessories to make them stand out.

You should find the three items which are shown as My Mood at the start of each game. After that, you go on putting on accessories and items on them. You need to pick four different looks for both Ellie and Ben.

What Are The Controls For Ellie and Ben Insta Fashion

This game can be played on both desktop and mobile devices. If you’re playing on your PC, use your mouse and left-click the accessories and items you want to choose. You can also click on the buttons and arrows to view each item’s menu. On your smartphone, you can simply tap on the screen.


  • Dress-up game with nice visuals
  • Wide range of accessories and items
  • Two characters to dress-up

September 2022


Cross platform

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