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Tictoc Summer Fashion


Tictoc Summer Fashion

TicToc Summer Fashion is a must-try dress-up game where you need to help one of your influencer-wannabe friends shine on social media. In this game, you’ll have access to a large collection of makeup, accessories, and other items to help your friend get the right look for her social media reels. Do you have what it takes to make someone an influencer? Show your fashion sense to the world through TicToc Summer Fashion.

How To Play TicToc Summer Fashion

You need to help your friend pick 5 different looks for her social media reels. Firstly, you should help clean up her room by finding the mission hearts and photos scattered around the room. Once you’re done, you can help her get ready by choosing the right makeup. However, she already has an idea about the look she wants to go for, so make sure you get the three items right which are highlighted under Hints at the start of every game.

Next, help her choose the right hairstyle, outfit, and accessories. Finally, you’re ready to post it on social media and see how many likes she gets. And the more likes she receives, the more money you’ll get. The number of likes depends on how closely you can replicate the look based on the hints provided, so make sure you get it right. You can then use the money to purchase other items and accessories.

What Are The Controls For TicToc Summer Fashion?

You can play TicToc Summer Fashion on your desktop, smartphones, and tablets. On your PC, left-click your mouse to choose the right items and accessories and to browse the collection. If you’re using a smartphone or tablet, simply tap on the screen.


  • Cutesy graphics
  • Dress-up and memory game with tons of accessories, makeup, and items
  • Mobile and desktop compatible

March 2023


Cross platform