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2048: Puzzle Classic

2048: Puzzle Classic is a highly addictive and challenging puzzle game with a very simple set of rules. It’s played on a 4-by-4 board, and at the start, there are two randomly positioned tiles with the number "2" on them. When the tiles of the same value collide, they’ll merge and create a tile worth the sum of these two identical numbers. The goal of the game is to create the 2048 tile, and it will take more than a few tries to achieve it.

How to play 2048: Puzzle Classic?

2048: Puzzle Classic somehow manages to be both frustratingly challenging and strangely relaxing. You’ll notice that all the tiles on the board will move in the chosen direction, as long their path isn’t obstructed. After each move, a new tile is generated, which means if you don’t merge the existing numbers promptly, you’ll quickly run out of moves and lose.

It’s recommended to keep the tiles of the current highest value in a designated corner. After doing this, pick a row (or column) starting from the corner and place the remaining higher values in it. This will allow you to manipulate the tiles on the board in three out of four possible directions without scrambling the row or column containing the highest numbers. Always try to merge low numbers first, and don’t give up easily! Even when the board fills up almost entirely, a few good moves can efficiently clear it.

What are the controls for 2048: Puzzle Classic?

This challenging puzzle game is playable on both mobile and PC devices. Hold the left mouse button, then drag if playing on a PC, or swipe on mobile to move the tiles in the desired direction.


  • Very challenging and addictive brain game
  • Identical tiles merge when collided, doubling the value
  • The win condition is creating the 2048 tile

Release date

March 2023




All devices


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