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Game Alchemy preview
Game Alchemy preview



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If you’re into puzzle games and like to discover new things, then surely, Alchemy is the kind of game you’ll get addicted to. Here you have to combine elements and keep experimenting to learn new combinations. The gameplay is designed with colorful graphics and good atmospheric sound to attract users.

How to Play Alchemy

The gameplay of Alchemy is quite creative if we compare it with other puzzle games, as it keeps the logic simple. By combining two elements, you can create a third unique one. You have to keep thinking creatively to discover new ways of making things work. The perception of the element and how it will work depends on you. For example, Fire can represent actual fire or heating property. The game does follow alchemist principles but is also influenced by magic which makes it more fun. The main idea of the gameplay is to keep things simple rather than go for high-tech inventions. There’s an inventory and recipe book available to aid you in case you run out of ideas.

What are the controls of Alchemy?

The controls of this puzzle game are very easy to understand. Depending on your preferred platform, use your mouse or finger to drag the elements into each other. In case you are unable to create your perfect combination, there’s always an option to go for a hint.


  • Enhances creativity
  • Lots of unique combinations
  • Stimulates your brain
  • Relaxing sound and gameplay

Release date

March 2023




All devices


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