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Blondy Extra


Blondy Extra

Blondy Extra is a flashy free-to-play dress-up game where you take up the role of a makeup artist and fashion stylist. Express your unique style while experimenting with different variants of cosmetic and beauty products, whimsy clothes, and unique accessories. Round up the distinctive appearance with fantastic pets and a bold pair of shoes before finishing the playthrough with a photoshoot!

How to play Blondy Extra

As you delve into Blondy Extra, you will start by modifying your avatar’s skin tone and lavish makeup. Once you’ve decided on the basics, it’s time to pick out one of the most extravagant hairstyles available out there. The most exciting part is definitely choosing chic and trendy clothes for your doll avatar, so the next step is browsing through your magnificent wardrobe.

There are not only flamboyant clothes in your closet though, but also various stylish purses, sunglasses, hats, and other accessories. And last but not least, there are some of the cutest pet companions to choose from, which will accompany you in the following photoshoot! Finally, your character gets to show off her looks in various settings. In this part of the game, there is a camera icon you can click to save the image of your dressed-up avatar on your phone, PC, or another device. Don’t be afraid to experiment, the playthrough doesn’t have to end here since there’s an option to modify your choices and go back from this point.

What are the controls for Blondy Extra?

The interface is simple and intuitive. Left-click or tap on the desired option to see the result immediately.


  • Express your unique style
  • Plenty of makeup to choose from
  • Try out the most extravagant of clothes
  • Shiny accessories
  • Gorgeous pets

March 2023


Cross platform