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Catch The Thief


Catch The Thief

Catch the Thief is an addictive arcade game where you play the cop trying to catch the thief. The main task of each level is very simple; all you need to clear it is to collide the policeman with the thief. Sounds simple? Well, it’s not really a walk in the park. With each new level, the number of obstacles separating the policeman and the thief also increases, making it more difficult to clear the objects between them.

How to Play Catch the Thief

It is also noticeable that you have to keep the thief and the policeman inside the game borders, as either falling beyond the screen will lead to a game over. Keeping them both inside the platform is not easy, and the obstacles only make things harder. So you’ve to be extra careful.

The gameplay seems quite simple if we look at the objective. But it isn’t that easy to pass the level. One wrong move, and you’ll have to try again since the dead thief is of no use to the police. The blockages between them can be tricky at times, so you’ve to think before making a move. The game is quite addictive as it keeps pushing you to try again and again.

What are the controls of Catch the Thief?

The controls of this game are as simple as possible. You only need to get your finger or your mouse pointer to the obstacle and then drag it in the direction you want to push it to. The wood is easy to move and can be taken outside the game borders.


  • Addictive gameplay
  • Smooth interface and sound effects
  • Develops logical thinking

March 2023


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