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Cuphead Rush

Controlling the lovable old-school cartoon-styled anthropomorphic character in Cuphead Rush will put your hand-eye coordination skills to the ultimate test! In this fast-paced 2D platform game, the protagonist is running perpetually, and all you can do to help the cute fella survive is perform timely jumps.

There are only three levels available, but it’s quite difficult to complete even the Easy walk in the Cupforest. You will die often, so make sure to at least pick up stars on your failed attempts to unlock up to 3 epic character skins. If you want to beat this game, you must stay determined, learn from your mistakes, and avoid repeating them.

How to play Cuphead Rush

Each level poses a uniquely designed challenge, but the game mechanics remain the same. Try to roughly remember the distance traveled after performing both single and double jumps. The second thing you want to start working on immediately is improving the leap timing.

Be patient and practice your skills diligently, and look at failed attempts as a good opportunity to learn something new. Watching the Cuphead’s feet closely helps out when you need to make slight take-off timing adjustments on your next attempt.

You can pick up the bubble power-up at certain levels, but it won’t protect you from falling into the abyss. Save the double jump ability until the very last moment to give your character a lifesaving boost once you realize you’ve misplayed the first jump.

What are the controls for Cuphead Rush?

You can play Cuphead Rush on PC and mobile devices alike. Click or tap once to jump and twice to double jump. 


  • 2D Cuphead platform running game
  • A great clicking warm-up exercise
  • Simple yet challenging gameplay

Release date

January 2020




All devices

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