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Dream Pet Link

Dream Pet Link is a connect-style puzzle game featuring adorable animal images on tiles. The game is reminiscent of Mahjong solitaire in that the goal is to clear the board by matching pairs of identical tiles. However, Dream Pet Link adds a unique twist by requiring players to connect the matching tiles with a line that does not exceed two turns or 90-degree angles.

How to play Dream Pet Link?

The game features a grid filled with various pet tiles, such as cats, dogs, pandas, and other cute animals. Players must find pairs of matching animal tiles that can be connected with a line that has no more than two bends. The line cannot pass through other tiles or go outside the grid's boundaries.

What are the controls for Dream Pet Link?

Use your mouse to select the tiles or tap on your screen if using a mobile device.


  • Cute, colorful graphics
  • Simple, yet challenging gameplay
  • Hours of entertainment!

Release date

July 2020




All devices

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