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Fill Pix

Fill Pix is a very enjoyable drawing game, available for free on both PC and mobile devices. At each level, you’re given a template and a palette of colors. The goal of this cute game is to replicate the pixelated drawing as accurately as possible by filling pixels with appropriate colors. There are up to 50 different sketches available, and your task becomes progressively more difficult. The images you’re tasked with replicating become more complex, and a variety of different hues are introduced. This game is perfectly suited for both children and adults in search of a relaxing experience.

How to play Fill Pix

This lovely game is best enjoyed if played at your own pace. There are no limitations, and the gameplay is very relaxing, so you don’t have to rush to complete the drawings for any reason. This tracing game is about developing your fine motor skills and allows for error. Even if you don’t replicate every pixel perfectly, you’ll pass to the next level.

I first like to paint the most widespread color in the target image (which is often the background color) and then add other available hues over it. You’ll quickly realize that most objects are symmetrical, so usually, solving one side of the puzzle will ease your journey to the perfect score.

What are the controls for Fill Pix?

You can play Fill Pix on both PC and mobile devices. Click or tap to select a color, and paint the pixel. Hold and drag to draw.


  • Replicate the pixelated image using a palette of colors
  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Scan the image carefully to create the perfect copy
  • Enjoy relaxing gameplay through 50 cute drawings

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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