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Idle Money Tree


Idle Money Tree

Bored of the usual racing and fighting games? Then you should give Idle Money Tree a try. In this idle clicker game, you need to shake the money tree and collect as much cash as possible. You can then save up enough money to buy upgrades and boost your earning power even more. Money does indeed grow on trees in this game, and if you’ve ever wanted to be a billionaire, it’s a game you’ll love to play.

How To Play Idle Money Tree

Click on the cash bags to collect them — the faster you click, the more you’ll earn. Occasionally, you’ll also receive floating money bags that come with extra coins, so make sure you never miss them to speed up your cash minting. When you manage to fill up the multiplier bar, you’ll also receive additional points.

Collect enough money to finally unlock the special shop, and you’ll be able to shape the story of the game according to your actions. At times, the game will also present you with options and missions, and depending on the choices you make, the outcome will vary. It’s a fun game, especially for future billionaires.

What Are The Controls For Idle Money Tree?

Simply tap or click on the tree to shake it and collect the cash bags.


  • Cute graphics and nice sound effects
  • Simple and addicting gameplay
  • Side missions and options
  • Upgrades and item shop

March 2023


Cross platform