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Jelly Battle

Give your new blob pet the tender loving care it needs in Jelly Battle — a uniquely entertaining turn-based strategy game. Your blob is overly demanding and will spam you with requests all the time. To keep it happy you must do its bidding. Besides sponge baths, petting, and feeding, the blob also has the urge to play and have fun. Our beloved protagonist’s idea of fun is replicating itself to conquer many isles, and it will require your assistance in achieving this goal. Engage in strategic turn-based gameplay to occupy more tiles than the AI opponent to emerge victorious and keep your blob pet smiling!

How to play Jelly Battle

Don’t let the blob suffer and fulfill all its wishes! Besides the occasional sponge scrubs and gentle fondles, your job is also to keep it entertained. In each of the 40 available battles, you're tasked with spreading the jelly across the map. To win you must control more tiles than your enemy.

At the beginning of each level, you’ll control a single blob. Choose a direction to move wisely, and always plan a few steps ahead. Try to take control of the chokepoints on the isle to prevent the opponent from conquering your side of the map.

What are the controls for Jelly Battle?

You can play Jelly Battle on PC and mobile devices alike. Click or tap, then hold and drag to scrub and pet your blob. When the blob requires you to play, click or tap on the blob and then click in the desired direction to move.


  • The blob pet is needy and your job is to make it happy
  • Strategic turn-based gameplay
  • Up to 3 fruity jelly skins and 40 challenging levels

Release date

February 2023


Brave Giant LTD


All devices

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