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JustFall.LOL is an amazing 3D multiplayer platformer featuring Casual, Competitive, and Custom with Friends settings and 4 different skill-based obstacle courses: Hexagon, Just Blocks, Just Jump, and Parkour. The gameplay is quite challenging and fiercely competitive at times, but the fact that the players are controlling unexpectedly agile penguins makes it truly hilarious.

It’s not merely enough to execute all the mechanics perfectly because other players will usually try to push you from the platforms into your demise. These player interactions make the game awesome because there’s a lot of room to outplay and outsmart your rivals. Behind the funny graphics and sound effects, complex gameplay is hidden, and it’s up to you to master all its intricacies and be the last penguin standing!

How to play JustFall.LOL

In Hexagon game mode, the objective is to move across the grid carefully without falling down to the lower levels for as long as possible. While playing Just Jump, you must avoid getting swept from the platform, very similar to Just Blocks. In the beginning, it’s usually better to avoid contact with other players because it often does more harm than good.

To win in each of the aforementioned game modes, you must be the last penguin standing, while Parkour is an obstacle course race in which the first one to reach the final platform wins. Before you start pushing other players into the abyss for the pure joy of it, try to focus on perfecting the movement and using all abilities at your disposal.

What are the controls for JustFall.LOL?

JustFall.LOL is currently exclusively playable in a PC browser.

  • Move — WASD keys
  • Jump/Double jump — Space
  • Dive — Shift/Right mouse button
  • Look around — mouse navigate
  • Show names — Tab


  • A hilarious 3D multiplayer platformer
  • Players control cute and surprisingly agile penguins
  • Casual, Competitive, and Custom with Friends settings
  • Hexagon, Parkour, Just Jump, and Just Blocks game modes

Release date

December 2021





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