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Mahjong is a classic tile-matching puzzle game originating from China that gained worldwide popularity in the early 20th century. The tiles are arranged differently across hundreds of levels for you to complete, each posing different challenges. The objective of the game is to match identical tiles to remove them from the board. You can’t just click on any card that you’ve found a match for, but only the ones that have a "free" left or right edge. The gameplay is very relaxing and quite addictive, and once you get into it, it’s difficult to stop playing. There are also several Boosters and Special tiles at your disposal to help you out when you’re having trouble finding solutions.

How to play Mahjong

It’s very important to get rid of the most elevated tiles as quickly as possible. If left unchecked, they may hinder your progress after you’ve depleted your matching options in the beginning. To create more possibilities and free up additional tiles, work your way through each level, starting from both the left and right sides of the board.

If there’s a matching pair that isn’t obstructing any adjacent tiles, you don’t have to remove it from the board immediately. These tiles may come in handy later once you’ve uncovered the appropriate match which was hidden from the view. Use the available Boosters to help you out when you’re feeling stuck.

There are also Seasonal and Flower tiles, and they don’t require an identical tile to match with. Any pair of Flowers is complementary, and the same goes for all the Seasons.

What are the controls for Mahjong?

Mahjong is playable on PC and mobile devices alike. Click or tap on a pair of identical tiles to remove them from the board.


  • A classic tile-matching puzzle game
  • Relaxing and addictive gameplay
  • Up to 400 levels to complete
  • Four Boosters and Special tiles to help you out

Release date

September 2022




All devices

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