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Puzzle Blocks Ancient

Puzzle Blocks Ancient is an excellent brain exercise for kids and adults alike, and will surely improve your problem-solving abilities! You’re tasked with assisting in building ancient monuments in Egypt, Greece, and Persia by carefully placing differently shaped blocks to fill the uniquely shaped board. Each next level presents you with progressively more difficult challenges, and you’ll have to try really hard if you want to complete them all. The game keeps track of your fastest victories, which makes it highly replayable if you want to challenge yourself and improve your skills even further.

How to play Puzzle Blocks Ancient

If you're uncertain about placing the first block, the hint will pop up after a while and help you get rolling. Take a closer look at the shapes you're working with and see if you can find the obvious fit for them on the board. It's a good idea to secure the spot for the biggest shapes first, and fill in the gaps with the smaller pieces. Most levels have more than a single solution, so don't be afraid to experiment in various directions. And while you'll surely be able to figure out a solution for each of the levels if you're persistent enough, scoring the maximum three stars in any of them is VERY challenging. Who knows, maybe you’re a natural?

What are the controls for Puzzle Blocks Ancient?

You can play Puzzle Blocks Ancient for free in a PC browser. Click on a block using the right mouse button to rotate it. Click on a block using the left mouse button, hold, then drag to place it properly on the ancient megalithic site.


  • Extraordinary brain exercise for kids and adults alike
  • Logical thinking, visualization, and problem-solving training
  • Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Persia each featuring 20 unique puzzles

Release date

October 2022




All devices


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