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Game Riot Escape preview
Game Riot Escape preview

Riot Escape

Riot Escape

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Riot Escape

Riot Escape is a relaxing and funny stickman running game in which you’ll alternately play as a member of Team Riot and Team Cop. The angry mob is on a mission to steal the police vehicles, and the law enforcement officers are there to stop it from happening — with baseball bats!

While you’re playing as a rioter, you’ll sense safety in numbers while as a cop, you’re given a greater power, but also responsibility. The overall gameplay isn’t all that demanding so, except for fantasy violence, it’s suitable for all ages and skill levels. 

How to play Riot Escape

Playing as Team Riot sometimes feels like a walk in the park. Follow the green arrows and you can’t really get it wrong. There are countless ways to outsmart the cops, so if you’re just a bit careful, they’re not to be worried about. Each stage does have a couple of deadly traps, though, so keep your eye out for those.

In Team Cop it’s a completely different story since it seems that smacking a rioter with a baseball bat is harder than it seems. Don’t go through the mass head-on and if you do, be quick to do a 180° turn, or you’ll have a hard time catching up with the stickmen perpetrators.

What are the controls for Riot Escape?

Even though the controls for Riot Escape are as simple as they could possibly get, this awesome game is unfortunately yet to be mobile optimized. Use the WASD/arrow keys to move your stickman cop or rioter. Alternately, you can click, hold, and drag to direct the character’s movement.


  • A hyper-casual stickman running game
  • Two teams to play alternately
  • Police van to seize as Team Riot
  • Team Cop baseball batting the perpetrators

Release date

April 2022


YSO Corp



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