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Tictoc KPOP Fashion


Tictoc KPOP Fashion

Release your inner Kpop star with TicToc Kpop Fashion. In this game, your friend wants to become a K-Pop star and make a huge impression on social media — your job is to glam her up for some eye-catching social media posts by choosing the right items and accessories for her. However, it’s harder than you think; you’ll need more than just an eye for style to get it right. Do you have what it takes to make a style statement? Dive into this game and help your friend shine like a star!

How To Play TicToc Kpop Fashion

In this dress-up game, you need to help your friend replicate some stunning K-pop idol looks for her social media reels. Firstly, you’ll need to help her find the missing photos and hearts in her dressing room. After that, you’ll need to choose the right makeup for her — she already knows the look she wants to go for, so make sure to remember the hint provided at the start of the game. Next, choose the hairstyle, outfit, and accessories to finish her look.

Finally, you can post the created looks on her social media — the more likes she receives, the more money you’ll earn, which you can use to purchase the items she wants for her next photoshoot. The number of likes is determined by how closely you can replicate the look according to the hint she gives. In this game, you’ll need to create 5 reels to make your girl a K-pop star!

What Are The Controls For TicToc Kpop Fashion?

TicToc Kpop Fashion can be played on your desktop and smartphone. Click the left mouse button on your desktop to choose or remove the items. On your smartphone, you can simply tap on your screen to apply various items.


  • A mix of “hidden object” and dress-up game
  • Wide range of hairstyles, accessories, and items
  • Playable on both desktop and mobile

September 2022


Cross platform

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