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Unicorn Dress Up - Girls Games


Unicorn Dress Up - Girls Games

In Unicorn Dress Up – Girls Games, you have an opportunity to design unique looks for up to eight lovely unicorns! Let’s face it, every little princess at least once wished she had a unicorn friend to hang around with. Now a prancing unicorn under the rainbow eagerly awaits you! There are so many features to customize and different looks to explore, and in such a situation, your sense of style is much appreciated!

How to play Unicorn Dress Up – Girls games

Unicorn Dress Up – Girls Games allows you to enjoy the gameplay at your own pace. Once loaded, you have a choice of up to 8 gorgeous unicorns to further decorate. Don’t worry about making the wrong choice here since you can always go back and change the selection by tapping the button in the upper left corner.

There are plenty of features you can customize. Some include the general appearance of your lovely unicorn, such as horns, mane, tail, and more. Other features include a variety of clothes and accessories necessary to complete your unique design. You can decorate your fluffy tail and gorgeous hair with some colorful flowers or tail bows, choose whether your unicorn will wear a skirt or a cloak, and even attach wings to it! If the scenery doesn't fit your dressing style, you can change it, too. Finally, snap a photo and proudly show off your fashion sense!

What are the controls for Unicorn Dress Up – Girls games?

Unicorn Dress Up – Girls Games is playable in a browser on any device. Simply tap or click on the feature you want to customize, and choose from a variety of available items to try out.


  • Up to 8 gorgeous unicorns to embellish
  • Plenty of customization options
  • Snap a photo and show off your design later

March 2023


Cross platform