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Game Wood Block Puzzle preview
Game Wood Block Puzzle preview

Wood Block Puzzle

Wood Block Puzzle

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Wood Block Puzzle

If you enjoy playing complex and endless 2D puzzle games, you’ve come to the right place — Wood Block Puzzle is exactly the one you’ve been looking for! The objective of this awesome and relaxing brain game is to place Tetris-like shapes on the 8-by-8 board in a way to fill the entire rows or columns. The sound effects when placing a block on the board are reminiscent of a game of online chess. There are also birds cheerfully singing in the background, so the overall atmosphere is very cozy and enjoyable.

How to play Wood Block Puzzle

You’re awarded up to 3 blocks at a time to place on the board, and the loss condition is not having a fitting spot for any of them. Some blocks are slim and long, and others are chunky, so take your time to get to know these shapes. This way you can stay ready even for the worst-case scenarios and a couple of unfavorable rolls won’t end your playthrough. 

Building multi-line combos to clear the board is great fun but is also a risky strategy. Playing like this makes you overly reliant on getting that perfectly shaped block to clear multiple rows or columns simultaneously. Filling out rows or columns entirely is your only board-clearing mechanic, so try your best to take advantage of it. Don’t miss out on opportunities to clear a single line whenever possible.

What are the controls for Wood Block Puzzle?

You can enjoy Wood Block Puzzle on mobile and PC devices alike. Tap or click on the block, hold and drag, and finally release it to place it on the board. 


  • Relaxing 2D puzzle game
  • Endless gameplay in a cozy atmosphere
  • Up to 3 Tetris-like blocks to work with at a time

Release date

April 2023




All devices

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