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An Among Us game with a twist, Amogus.io is unique as it carries the same gameplay mechanics as Territory.io, complete with the beloved crewmates and their iconic form! Duke it out against other players as you carve your color into the station and defeat the others to gain supremacy against all!

How to play Amogus.io?

While the graphics are indeed from Among Us, the gameplay is unique as you run with your character which trails their color palette throughout the station. Your goal is to get high in the leaderboard by attaining the most occupying color into the station, against other players who has the same objective.

There are following mechanics at play here, such as:

1.   Trail – As you run across the station, you will notice you’re trailing a lighter shade of the color of your character. This is important as the moment you walk off where your color is shaded darker, it begins to trail and ends as soon as you touch the same color you started from.

2.   Conquest – The darker shade of your color is your conquered tiles. You’re safe here from other players, and any excursion of yours outside of this color will begin the Trail again, which leads to;

3.   Elimination – You get eliminated if, for one, an opponent hits your trail before you reach your conquered tiles, or if you walk into your own trail, which kills yourself. Always remember this as you expand as a small touch into your trail can quickly result in elimination.

What are the controls for Amogus.io?

  • You move towards the direction of your mouse.
  • You can also move with the WASD/Arrow Keys.
  • For mobile users, you touch towards the direction to move.


  • Online Competition – dozens of players face off against one-another, so challengers are not uncommon at all. May the best one win!
  • Simplistic Gameplay – Simple graphics and simple gameplay, no hidden mechanics and all there’s left is to get that crown for yourself and last as long as possible!
  • Custom Name and Avatar – You can set your own color and name easily right from the get-go!

Release date

November 2021




All devices

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