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Among Us: Space Rush

Among Us: Space Rush is a casual platform running game featuring eye-catching 2D graphics, an amazing soundtrack, and addictive endless gameplay. Your jolly character is running perpetually, and your task is to guide him on the never-ending quest for greatness by performing timely and calculated jumps. In the very beginning, you’ll move quite slowly, but the further you’re able to get, the faster the gameplay becomes. 

Collect coins scattered across the stage and use them in the Among Shop to unlock fancy Hats, mighty Specials, and useful Power Ups. Save your fellow crewmates trapped in the cages along the way, and they’ll help you overcome different obstacles and sometimes even sacrifice their lives to enable you to keep pushing forward.

How to play Among Us: Space Rush

As in all platform games, timing and executing the controls perfectly is the key to victory. It’s important to notice that while you can’t use double jump, you can hold it to jump higher. 

Make sure to know the difference between the two jumps available. Only use the higher and longer jump when it’s necessary, simply because shorter jumps provide better character control

To save your friends trapped in cages across the stage, you need to merely run over them, and they won’t miss an opportunity to repay you for the good deed. If you want to acquire all the items from the shop as quickly as possible, make sure to purchase the double coin value power-up first.

What are the controls for Among Us: Space Rush?

You can play Among Us: Space Rush on mobile and PC devices alike. Tap or click briefly to jump, and hold to jump higher.


  • A casual Among Us-inspired 2D platform running game
  • Great soundtrack and eye-catching graphics
  • Several cosmetic and gameplay upgrades in the Among Shop

Release date

November 2020




All devices

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