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Apple Shooter

A hit classic dating even way back in the flash games era, Apple Shooter is here to see if you can actually hit that apple on top of your friend’s head and not hurt him!

How to play Apple Shooter?

You are given a bow, and an apple sits atop your friend’s head. You start at a simple distance close enough to easily hit the apple, and your goal is to hit that apple with an arrow without hitting your friend. If you don’t like seeing blood, play another game and click off as these features different levels of gore!

Aim properly! – Shooting straight won’t be the perfect sense here! You’re using a bow, so each shot slowly falls as they fly through the air! While hitting things is easy enough when you’re close, as soon as you get further into the levels, you go farther!

Fly straight, or fly classy? – Of course, hitting the apple is the important part of the game, but back then during its flash games career, there are instances of people going for curved shots instead of straight ahead—which you can actually do! These are harder to pull off, but quite a feat!

Start Over! – Misjudged a shot and it hits your friend to the neck? Well, looks like you’d have to start over again at level 1!

What are the controls for Apple Shooter?

  • Use the mouse to move the aim of your bow.
  • Hold Left Mouse Button to charge up the shot, and release it to fire.
  • The game is not compatible for mobile.


  • Nostalgia – A mainstay of the old times with the good old flash games back then, we all start from somewhere!
  • Aiming Fun! – The concept of a calculated bow-and-arrow mechanic is quite revolutionary back then, to see it once more is looking at history!
  • Simple and Easy – Once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy to play!

Release date

April 2017


Wolf Games



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