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Archer.ro is an amazing real-time strategy game with tower defense and RPG elements, glorious music, eye-catching isometric graphics, and exciting gameplay. Collect resources to build up your defenses during the day and repel endless waves of zombies attacking your settlement at night. The towers alone won’t always be able to deal with ever-growing hordes of zombies. Luckily you’ll control the hero, who is a proficient marksman, and build barracks that will provide additional reinforcements. Upgrade your hero’s abilities and recruit additional forces to aid you in this never-ending battle. How many waves do you think you can survive?

How to play Archer.ro

The first building you’ll place on the map is the Castle, and you must defend it at all costs. Don’t rush the placement of your headquarters. Try to position it near the spots where you can build both Lumberyards and Crystal Mines. This will allow you to defend both resource fields and other crucial structures using the same defense towers.

There are up to 3 different tower types you can build:

  • Ballista Tower — fast attack speed, single target damage, low range
  • Cannon Tower — slow attack speed, AoE splash damage, long range
  • Wizard Tower — shoots a beam at all enemies within a medium range

Each following structure of the same type you build costs more resources, so to remain efficient, you must keep your defenses diverse rather than only constructing a single tower type.

What are the controls for Archer.ro?

Archer.ro is exclusively playable in a PC browser. Use WASD or arrow keys to move the hero, mouse scroll to zoom in and out, and the left mouse button to shoot arrows.


  • An incredible real-time strategy survival game
  • Endless waves of mindless zombies are attacking your settlement
  • Multiple hero upgrades and additional troops to recruit

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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